About Alliance

Alliance Cosmetics was founded in the year 2001 with the strategic objectives of providing better and efficient service to the core markets in the developing Beauty world. Its UAE-based trendy hair, nails, skin & body Cosmetics Company which is relatively new but has been turning heads for over 10 years.

We had incredible effect on a market with huge range of Professional beauty products like: CADIVEU Keratin Treatment (Brazil), Free Limix 3ME Hair products (Italy), Savina Nail Polishes (USA), Dr. Kraut Skin and Body Care products (Italy), Arco Cosmetics wax products (Italy), Elite Professional Brushes and Hair Straighteners (USA) , CINEMA professional makeup (UAS) , NailUV nail gel (USA) .

Why Alliance?
We offer what we genuinely believe is a specialist best after-sales services, relationships and partnerships nationwide.

Our products are extremely popular in the current markets, and the company is now looking to further expand its customer base throughout the world

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